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Employment agencies with foreign employees

We are consulted frequently by employment agencies to make appointments.


To make it possible to keep facilitating this service we kindly ask you to make these appointments by e-mail (accept for emergencies).      


Please note in the topic:  appointment foreign employee

And in the e-mail:  name, date of birth, BSN number preferred day and timeframe, telephone number

Please ask the patient to fill in this form (in Dutch or English) as a preparation and bring it to the consultation.


Click Here for the form


Please bring an ID document and insurance card.


We will call or e-mail you with an appointment within 1-2 days.


We respect the privacy of all of our patients. Translators that do not have a direct working relationship with the employee are welcome if the patient gives his/ her consent.

(Dutch) staff accompanying the patient that do not speak the language of the patient preferably stay in the waiting room during the consultation. They might be asked to help with logistic questions afterwards.  


We kindly ask you to inform all employees of the Dutch healthcare system in advance; especially about the ‘eigen risico’ (excess). The excess in 2022 is € 385,-.


The ‘eigen risico’ is not payed to the general practitioner. The care provided by us is free of excess but if we refer to a laboratory, clinic or hospital, the patient will pay an excess for that examination or treatment. Any costs within one year above this amount will be covered by the insurance.


These websites can help you prepare your employees:


This website gives more information on costs at the laboratory:

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