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Medical help for Ukrainian refugees.

If you are staying with a host family

You can consult the general practitioner which your host family is registered with.

Please ask your host for contact information.


If you are staying in the group accommodation in Noordwijk (van de Mortelstraat)

You can consult the GGD nurse; they will visit the building on Mondays and Thursdays to help you with your medical questions.


In most cases they can help you. If you need to see the doctor they will help you to make the appointment and prepare the administration for the consultation.


If you have an emergency that (can not) wait till Monday or Thursday please contact your ‘locatiehoofd’ or ‘welzijnswerker’ then they will contact the nurse for you quickly.


We kindly ask you to read this website to learn more about healthcare in the Netherlands:

If you are staying in the group accommodation in Noordwijkerhout (Dijkzicht)

You can contact the huisartsenpraktijk Dijkzicht:

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